Available for download is the complete, unrestricted and unlimited SwingEmpire FormBuilder/FormLoader Framework. The FormBuilder supports visual building/editing of the layout description and presentation attributes. The result of the process is persisted via the standard XMLEncoder as FormDescription. The persisted result can be loaded into client applications using the FormLoader Framework.


new (5. October 2004)

The current version 0.9.7 is a pre-release, meant for evalutation and getting additional feedback.

  • Binaries - the zip contains all necessary libraries for running the builder and using the loader. Unzip and start by clicking the builder.jar. Requires jdk/jre 1.4.2 to run. Note: neither the API documentation nor the examples are included in this archive.
  • API documentation of the loader part.
  • Examples - the zip contains the source code of the examples. They demonstrate how to use the produced descriptions. To compile and run the examples in the ./loader branch, they need JGoodies Forms and the SwingEmpire FormLoader packages (loader.jar) in the classpath. To compile and run the examples in the ./binding branch they additionally require the JGoodies Binding and SwingEmpire Binding layer (se-binding.jar)
  • protected access Source code for builder/loader/binding, available for customers/testers only.


The final release will come in two versions: a free binary editon for private/non-commercial use and a fairly priced professional edition (binaries and sources plus individual support) for commercial use.


Many thanks to Karsten Lentzsch (JGoodies) - without his support and encouragement I would not have been able to invest time and effort into developing the FormBuilder.

Many thanks as well to my beta-testers and early adopters - without their help and trust the FormBuilder would never have evolved beyond prototyping.

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